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Veterinary Dental Services in Forest, VA and the Greater Lynchburg Area

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Caring for your pet’s teeth can be a challenge. After all, what dog or cat enjoys having their teeth brushed? Water additives and dental treats can help, but all dogs and cats should receive dental exams and cleanings once per year.

Why is Dental Care Important for Pets?

By the time they’re three years old, around 70% of dogs and cats have periodontal disease. If it isn’t addressed with routine dental care, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, gum infections, and worsened overall health.

Hamsters and other pocket pets can experience overgrown teeth and other dental problems. At Lake Forest Animal Hospital, we offer dental checks and teeth trimming as well as preventative exams.

Full-Service Dental Care for Cats and Dogs

During a dental check, we’ll look at your pet’s teeth from the outside. To get a complete understanding of what’s going on inside your pet’s mouth, however, we recommend dental X-rays.

We provide dental X-rays at our animal hospital, along with:

  • Dental scaling and polishing
  • Sealant to protect the gumline against bacteria
  • Antibiotic gel for periodontal disease
  • Tooth extractions

When your pet needs dental care, we’ll book them an appointment in our modern dental suite. This suite is dedicated to dental procedures—we do not use it for anything else. Our specialized equipment allows us to monitor your pet’s vitals throughout any dental procedure.

To make sure we provide your pet with leading-edge dental care, our veterinarians take part in continuing education. They work to stay up-to-date on the latest treatments and protocols in veterinary dentistry.

Call us today to schedule a dental appointment for your Lynchburg cat, dog, or pocket pet.