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Dog training

Do you have a new furry family member requiring basic manners? Or need to teach an old dog some new tricks? Canine classes are starting in January! 

Lake Forest Animal Hospital wants to help your dog reach their full potential. Positive training can enhance the bond between you and your pet and create a calmer, happier home!


Etiquette Training while Dayboarding

Our professional trainers can work with your dog while boarding or in daycare on homeroom etiquette.

  • We will teach commands such as Come, Wait, Touch, Leave it, Drop it, Mat/Place, crate training, no jumping and more. 

  • Owner will receive a report card after training with instructions on how to continue working with your dog at home.

  • Fee is $10 for 20-25 minutes of training in addition to the boarding/daycare fee. 

  • Training available Monday, Wednesday and Sunday starting January 4, 2021.


Puppy Socialization

Give your new pup an opportunity to learn how to behave around other dogs. 

  • The focus will be on teaching good manners and appropriate play. 

  • Class will be Tuesdays for 30 minutes.

  • The age will range from 10 weeks to 6 months. 

  • We will have a limit of 8-10 puppies per class. 

  • The shots and requirements are: Negative fecal, First 2 puppy shots and Bordatella Vx; Rabies at 4 months

  • Puppies are expected to stay up to date on all vaccines. Please call for details. 

  • We will run 2 separate classes by weight; run at same time, just in different rooms

    • 0-25 lbs and 25+ lbs 

  • Fee is $10 per class. 

  • Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are recommended since we will limit class size. Call today save your spot (434) 385-6445.


Obedience Training Classes with Kim

Learn the tools to create a happy, well-mannered companion. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations. Please call for details.

Puppy Obedience:

  • Monday evenings at 5:30pm, starting May 17, 2021 

  • 30 - 45 minute classes 

  • due to COVID, we will cap at 4 participants 

  • 8 total lessons - $199 (paid up front) 

Basic Obedience:

  • Monday evenings at 6:30pm, starting May 17, 2021 

  • 1 hour classes 

  • due to COVID, we will cap at 4 participants 

  • 8 total lessons - $199 (paid up front) 

Intermediate Obedience:

  • Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm, starting May 19, 2021

  • 8 total lessons - $199 (paid up front)

Advanced Obedience: 

  • Friday evenings at 6:30pm, starting May 21, 2021

  • 8 total lessons - $199 (paid up front)


Spaces are limited, so call us today at (434)385-6445 to enroll your furry friend!